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TUS Exam to Complete Graduate Studies in Medical Colleges in Turkey


The section for foreign students who wish to complete postgraduate studies in medicine in Turkish universities in the Basic Law

Medicine, MA, and Ph.D. in Turkey

(1) International Students:

A- In case of finding additional seats for foreign students in the various university educational institutions

B- Those wishing to complete postgraduate studies in the field of medicine or dentistry in the main departments, whether the student has completed a bachelor’s degree in one of the Turkish universities or in foreign universities and has equivalent equivalency to his degree by the Higher Education Authority (YÖK), and the subdivisions if he has completed a master’s degree in Turkish universities Or in foreign universities, provided that he obtained the equivalent of his degree in accordance with Articles 31 and 33

T - That there is nothing to prevent them from completing their studies in Turkey

D- They obtain a residence permit in Turkey

C- Produce a document showing that he received a grant or that he can meet his study expenses

H- He must have obtained a seat in accordance with the periodic examinations for the settlement and distribution of students for postgraduate studies


(2) Produce an accredited certificate from one of the accredited centers in Turkey from their mastery of the Turkish language, and show them within a period of no more than a year from the start of their studies, otherwise, they are severed from their educational program .. (who completes a Bachelor’s degree in Turkey - medicine and dentistry - does not search for these The document they have)


(3) In addition to the international joint agreements concerned with highlighting certain seats for foreign students to complete their higher studies in Turkish universities, 10% of the additional seats are also allowed for them.


(4) Foreign students who complete their higher studies if they have acquired the right to obtain Turkish citizenship, they will complete their studies without salary as is the case for a foreign student in the usual situation.

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