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Turkish Grants And Turkish State Grants - Conditions Of The Grant In Turkey

What is meant by free Turkish scholarships for those wishing to study in Turkey?

Free Turkish Scholarships is a scholarship offered by the Turkish government to foreign students from all over the world, and it is one of the most famous scholarship programs around the world, due to the fact that it includes almost all disciplines and all academic levels: Bachelor, Master and Doctorate. The Turkish government also provides at least 4000 scholarships annually, which leads to a high rate of admission for applicants.

On the other hand, Turkish universities are considered to be one of the best universities at the present time, many Turkish universities have obtained an international ranking, as there are many Turkish universities classified among the top 500 universities in the world. Therefore, many students around the world prefer to study in Turkish universities.

Turkish scholarship programs provide the following benefits to the student

Accommodation in a student residence is free of charge. Students who do not prefer to stay in the university’s residence can use another option at their own expense. These services are available in all residential facilities, including daily meals.
Governmental health insurance through which students can receive treatment in government hospitals for free and in some hospitals for reduced fees
Study the Turkish language for a full year
An airline ticket to enter Turkey and an airline ticket to exit from Turkey after the completion of the study
Enjoy the privileges of the student residence permit, the reduced transportation card, and the visiting museums and archaeological sites card free of charge
Students receiving the scholarship do not pay college fees
In addition to a monthly salary for students

• Bachelor's degree - 700 TL
• Master's stage - 950 TL
• Doctorate stage - 1400 TL
Conditions of the grant
Bachelor's degree The applicant must not exceed 21 years of age
 Not to be enrolled in a Turkish university with the same degree that he wants to apply for
 His average in high school should not be less than 70% for all specializations and 90% for the medical specializations (human medicine - dentistry - pharmacist)
4 That he has graduated or is about to graduate from the high school (baccalaureate) so you can submit a document from the school that you are studying high school in which you prove that your average in the second year in high school is not less than 70% and that you are enrolled in the third stage of high school and on the basis of which you can apply Until the issuance of the high school certificate
The documents required of students who wish to register to study for the bachelor's stage within the free Turkish scholarship program:
A valid passport copy
Image of marks/grades transcript
A copy of the high school certificate
A clear photograph with a white or blue background showing the grades of the last semester for students who have not graduated from high school yet
Conditions required for students wishing to apply for a master's degree
 The applicant must not be more than 30 years old
2 that the baccalaureate average is not less than 75
The documents required for Master (Masters) students to apply to Turkish Scholarship Programs are
A copy of a Bachelor's degree with transcript
A copy of the high school certificate with a transcript
A report of one or two papers in English in which the student explains why he chose Turkey (and this letter is also called a motivation letter and is done for students registered in Turkish scholarship programs
A valid passport copy
Photo with white or blue background
Recommendation letter: It is preferable that this letter is extracted by university professors from which the student graduated and in the event that there are any obstacles in extracting this letter from the university from which the student graduated, he can be extracted from his work side in the case of work or he can extract it from any worksite, such as any of the private sectors that You can help him in that matter, just as the student must mention the full personal information recommended in terms of what his job is, where he works, his phone number, and his e-mail in this letter.
The conditions that must be met by students wishing to apply for Turkish scholarship programs for Ph.D. degrees are
The applicant must not be older than 35 years old for the Ph.D. stage
The master's degree is not less than 752
The documents required for Ph.D. students to apply to Turkish scholarship programs are
Secondary school certificate with transcript
Bachelor's degree with transcript
Master's degree with transcript
Excerpts from the master's thesis
Two letters of recommendation: It is preferable that these letters be extracted by university professors from which the student graduates and in the event of any obstacles in extracting these letters from the university from which the student is graduating. Special in business helps him extract it
Important note if the student provided this letter
The student must include the full personal information of the testator in terms of what he is working for, the direction in which he works, his phone number and his email
A copy of the valid passport
A photograph with a white or blue background
Students who have not yet graduated and are about to graduate from the Master's degree, they must bring the transcript until the last semester they have studied at the university
It is preferable that all documents extracted to be sent via the scanner (ISKAN) to ensure clarity of the student's data

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