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Turkey Absorbed Thousands Of Foreign Students

Dr. Mesbah Abu Mahdi

Turkey is one of the largest countries that receive students from all over the world, especially the Arab world and African countries, and by virtue of its geographical location, its beautiful weather, its attractive natural ruins and its multiple seas "it gives the desire to foreign students to come to it and study in its universities as Turkey has a large number of universities in different cities and cities are considered to be a large capacity in terms of the number of Walabs, and with the increase in the number of universities in the Turkish state, pictures of Hayya are from these universities and given the conditions of some neighboring countries close to the Turkish Republic, which suffer from the problem of civil wars and political changes that were obligated on Turkey Receiving students of these countries and enabling them to study in their schools and universities, so there are many who want to study in Turkey.

Not surprisingly, this country of Turkey, which received all these numbers and provide them with a vision of all the shares of livelihoods, comfort, and good treatment. As the Turkish state makes every effort to overcome the vision of all the participations of difficulties for these countries and provide them with a vision of all the contributions of aid, every day the number of foreign students in the Turkish state increases and every day many foreign students obtain the highest higher degrees in Turkish universities and this is the truth that is ignorant of a lot of other countries possess the greatest potentials, which have more capabilities and which did not pay attention to students of the stricken countries from the Arab and African Asian countries and even from them ......
The Turkish Republic assimilates a large number of foreign students in its universities that exceeded the two hundred universities that have become the competition of the major countries in terms of the Turkish state. Education is now the ability to receive hundreds of thousands of foreign students while providing them with the necessary capabilities and the appropriate climate that they lack in their countries due to the existing conditions.

Today, the Republic of Turkey competes with the major countries in education in terms of the number of universities, the increase in the number of students, their graduation, and even the provision of job opportunities for them. Turkey is a technology that makes it progress among the largest manufacturers and exporters as it competes with the major countries in manufacturing and export. Turkish products have high quality in terms of industrialization, the Turkish industries that export to Arab, African and European markets of high quality have gained from the confidence obtained by the testimonies of many countries, and this gives a large and distinctive indication of the Turkish Republic in its ability to continue towards the best despite the difficulties it faces. The Turkish Republic has proven its ability to continue in education and develop its educational institutions that have given foreign students the opportunity to study and continue to seek knowledge in its universities, which are among the best universities in the region ...

                                                                   Dr. Musbah Abu Mahdi

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