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Tips for Those Wishing to Study in Public Universities

The YOS exam is not a prerequisite for studying in public universities

The Council of Higher Education in Turkey recognizes more than 160 national certificates for countries around the world in addition to some international tests such as the SAT and AST exams, and universities have accepted all these certificates. But after 2011 things changed as a result of circumstances we do not want to mention and that is why some universities have accepted only some certificates, and some universities have accepted the YOS test that they conduct themselves and it seemed as an institution. We are doing our best to cancel the YOS test or return it to before 2011 to be a single exam conducted by the High Council and not be a single condition. We cut the road for either the use of some university employees for the YOS exam. It is worth noting that many public universities accept national certificates for other countries.

Therefore, the student should pay attention to a very important point, because most universities that only ask for an exam mark mean that you, no matter how high you get the marks, will not get a school seat without agreeing with some of the elusive examination brokers with the exception of some large universities such as Istanbul University.

Choose the right office

A student who wants to study in Turkey can choose on his own the universities in Turkey, and it is very possible to get a seat on his own, but some guardians want to make sure and reassure themselves about the future of their children and get a commitment from the offices to secure a seat, especially in medical specialties, and some have managed offices and its number are very few. Obtain promises from some universities to provide seats for their students.

Reliance on original marks

The student himself submits his original papers to the university after obtaining the academic seat.

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