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Student Housing in Turkey - Types, Features, and Prices

The idea of ​​university study in Turkey haunts many Arab and foreign students around the world, especially as education opportunities in Turkey are distinct opportunities and fraught with temptations and incentives, in addition to Turkey's attractiveness to millions of Arabs, including those residing as refugees, like Syrians and Iraqis, including residents of tourism or work, and those residing for study and learning, so residences are considered Students in Turkey are one of the most important concerns of foreign investors and students as well.

What are the types of student housing in Turkey?

Government request housing

Student residence and endowment

Private student residence

Independent student apartments

We will talk in detail about the types of student lodgings in Turkey.

Student housing in Turkey

These housings belong to the KYK Foundation, which in turn is affiliated with the Ministry of Youth and Sports in Turkey, and these student dormitories are spread in all Turkish states and their number is estimated at about 400 government student housing in Turkey, and more than 368 thousand beds and the monthly cost of housing ranges between 200 and 400 TL per month According to the state and the neighborhood in which the residence is located, and by insurance of about 500 TL. Government student housing is usually closed during the summer vacation period, and for summer courses and university training periods, some student housing remains on duty in the summer, and registration takes place at a time before the vacation. It is also mentioned in this aspect that foreign students are allowed to register for housing in student government housing in Turkey, as well as these housing receive recipients of the Turkish government scholarships, but the rates of rejection for foreigners are high, as the preference is often for Turkish students.

Endowment student housing in Turkey

They are housing supervised by either the Turkish Religious Endowment or one of the charitable and religious organizations and organizations in Turkey, and it allows students to live for a symbolic financial fee, sometimes for free, and this type of housing is characterized by a committed atmosphere and strict and strict laws, and admitted students are selected after a physical interview of students and talk With them and get to know them, as the endowments supervising these residences allow attending religious and preaching sessions according to regular organized programs and seminars supervised by Turkish religious professors, and their attendance is not considered compulsory for the residents of the waqf. The official Turkish endowments housing is more reliable and organized, and it is characterized as a modern and safe housing, and it is active mainly in three main states: Istanbul, Antalya, and Izmir. In addition to the endowment accommodations provided by religious organizations in Turkey receive all students regardless of their political orientations, they allow foreign and Arab students to reside in them, but in general, the housing in endowment residences in Turkey is not an ideal residence or realizes the actual conditions of comfort that the student needs to study and study And preparation.

Private student housing in Turkey

Based on the establishment and management of these housing private companies in Turkey, and often provide the best conditions for comfortable and quiet housing with distinct services, and are considered better than government housing and endowment in terms of service and psychological even. Students who live in private residences have more independence and privacy, and the number of people residing in the same room is less, and there is a better atmosphere in terms of comfort and calm. Usually, these dormitories are located in places close to public and private universities in Turkey, and there are special dwellings that belong to some universities. These student dormitories in Turkey give several services, including:

There are many types of rooms, including one that is single (inhabited by one person), including double and triple rooms ... etc., and the value of the rent varies according to the type of room.

Private student residences usually provide meals, either two or three, and breakfast is essential.

Private hostels offer students open internet services.

It also provides laundry and cleaning services.

There are quiet places to study and work.

There are student residences and female students' residences.

In general, private housing services in Turkey vary according to the company based on this project, and in general the greater the monthly rental amount, the more distinctive its services, and some residences exist on their own terms, such as that they are only for students of a specific university or for a specific specialty such as medicine or engineering. .. Including what is exclusively accepted by students only, and those looking for private housing for students in Turkey always need to show official documents that prove that they are studying in Turkish universities in order to be able to run for housing in them.

Youth housing in Turkey

The Arab or foreign student in Turkey may not be able to obtain suitable opportunities for housing in government housing or endowment or even private, then he will resort to housing in student or youth apartments, which are usually ordinary apartments, where students and young people live in general, and the student can agree With a number of his colleagues to rent an ordinary apartment, this may be costly because of the insurance costs, home furnishing and furnishing costs, and monthly bills, not to mention the summer period in which he should take care of rents and bills, because the rent in Turkey is usually for a full year, so students usually tend To join apartments prepared for this purpose. The student usually commits to pay a monthly financial amount for his housing in these apartments that provide him with: free electricity and water services in addition to free internet and gas, and some other services according to the apartment, except that students usually commit to calm and cleanliness. How much are the rents of youth housing in Turkey per room? The value of the housing rent for students in Turkey varies according to the state in which he resides and the neighborhood, and the difference in services as well. Most student housing apartments for students are within modern housing complexes to provide security, protection and security, which means an increase in the amount of the monthly rent, but as an average amount we can talk about some Turkish states which the Arabs in Turkey intend to study at the university, according to the following:

State name Average rent per room per month Rent in dollars "approximately"

Trabzon 390 Turkish liras 74 US dollars

Bursa 490 _ 860 TL 92 to 162 USD

Kocaeli 525 TL 99 US dollars

Eskişehir 560 _ 660 Turkish liras 105 to 125 US dollars in relation to the aforementioned prices, it is per room, and two or three students can share in one room, which makes them easier to rent and other expenses, and one room for two people is a good idea, appropriate and relatively inexpensive. Trabzon is also the best state in terms of rents for youth housing, and the most famous of its universities is Karadeniz Teknik ekniversitesi'nin Technical University (KTÜ), where one-room rents near the university are about 390 TL, which is the lowest rental value in Turkey for youth and student housing, especially And it offers furnished housing services, paid bills, quiet and convenience. Rents of youth housing in Istanbul, due to the breadth of Istanbul and its division into two European and Asian divisions, so it becomes difficult to determine a fixed price, but in general there is an average of the monthly rent amount in youth housing in Istanbul that is suitable for students, i.e., in which the numbers of students in the entire apartment are a little, and we will look at For one-room rents in youth housing in some neighborhoods of Istanbul that are suitable for student housing:

The name of the neighborhood Average monthly rent per room Rent in dollars "almost"

Gümüş  670 TL 130 USD

Esenyurt 815 TL TL 154 USD

Evegler 900 TL TL 169

Bandic 950 TL TL 179 USD

Esenler 985 Turkish Liras 186 US dollars

Famous Bashk 1015 Turkish Liras 192 US dollars

Kartal 1040 Turkish Liras 196 US dollars

Bahçelievler 1080 Turkish Liras 205 US dollars

Bayrampasa 1140 Turkish Liras 215 US dollars

Bagcilar 1240 Turkish Liras 234 US dollars

Uskudar  1330 Turkish Liras US $ 251

Zeytinburnu 1360 TL 257 USD

Kucukcekmece 1380 Turkish lira 260 US dollars

Sisli 1710 Turkish liras 323 USD

Koi judge 1745 TL 329 USD

Atasehir 1840 Turkish Liras 347 USD

Sariyer 2290 Turkish Liras 432 USD

Besiktas 2600 Turkish liras 491 USD

Beyoglu 2900 Turkish Liras 547 USD

Other things of interest to students in Turkey

There are many scholarships in Turkey that benefit foreigners and those studying in Turkey with recognized Arab schools.

Students in Turkey are given a reduced bus card, as they pay less than half of the official transportation tariff in Turkey.

The Turkish government grants foreign students the right to reside in Turkey throughout the study period and is renewed annually, and the Al-Fanar Group for Services and Consulting in Turkey through its residency branch helps students to obtain student residency in Turkey. For more details, read: Student residence in Turkey

The idea of ​​studying in Turkey is a good idea and it carries many incentives and temptations. Therefore, you find that interest in the issue of student housing in Turkey receives a large part of the interests of Arab youth coming to Turkey.

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Student housing recommended by GH Academia Viva Kağıthane Kız Yurdu Academic housing Viva for girls Room for one person per year 29,500 TL.

Room for two people per person 20,000 TL TL Room for three people per person 19,000 TL 10% reduction in annual payment in cash


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