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Diploma in Petroleum Engineering

The Objective:

This program aims to provide the student information and knowledge in Petroleum Field, Types of Rigs, Ways of Rigs and being expert in petroleum market.                              

Learning Through experience:

  -knowing Definitions, the main Petroleum Diploma.

  -Knowing the Types of Rigs.

  -Knowing the Types of Drilling Fluid.503

  -Public Safety for protection.


  No Need for Secondary School.

Credit Hours:

  72 Hours for 1 year.

 We offer job opportunities:

1-National Drilling Company (NDC)

 2-Qatar Petroleum Company.

3-The Bahrain Petroleum Company (BSC).

4-Vocational Training period for 3 months.


* Copy of Identity.

* Last qualified science.


Every student gets at the end of his studying a diploma training degree in his specialty whereas the certification is issued from one of the following official authorities.

International College in London (ICL)-  

Certified from quality Training Educational Corporation in UK (QTEC) and ministry of foreign affairs


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