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Everything About Graduate Studies in Turkey

A student who wants to complete his university studies to obtain a master's degree in Turkish public universities needs to pass a measurement test for postgraduate studies called "ALES".

Where he applies to the specialization or department he wishes to study in after showing the above test result and sometimes the student is asked to submit the result of the ÜDS test for the foreign language to universities or the result of the foreign language test for government jobs (YDS) according to the specialty and the required branch and a few are the universities that require obtaining this certificate, but most of it takes the average student’s average in the Bachelor’s Degree with an ALES test and an additional test that the desired department may require to study, and this is what is usually required from students with a Bachelor's degree in Turkey.

In addition, the student must have a certain average score in the department from which he graduated, according to each university and its special conditions, and public universities, in general, are the ones that require the presentation of a certificate for that test. As for students who obtain a bachelor’s degree from outside Turkish universities, they must submit a test called “International Capacity Test” such as the GMAT test or the GRE test.

Likewise, the conditions differ from one university to another according to specialization, each university accepts the required grades from each certificate and sets a specific rate for accepting any of the degrees. It is noteworthy that some departments conduct personal interviews with postgraduate applicants to select the most efficient ones after reviewing the results we have mentioned, knowing that the duration of the Master’s study is two academic years with the submission of the Master’s thesis. There are some university campuses in Turkey that include master's programs in which it is not required to write a thesis and its study period is one and a half years.

Public universities define priorities and rules for admission that differ from one university to another. Students who have international capacity tests have a preference in admission to universities. Each university determines the degree required in admission rules, and some universities require a specific degree as a minimum for admission to a bachelor’s degree and some universities also require student submission Proof of English or Turkish proficiency certificate. The papers required for registration are;

  • A copy of the passport translated into Turkish and certified by Notary Notre
  • Photograph.
  • A copy of the high school certificate with the grades statement
  • A copy of the bachelor’s degree with the grades statement
  • My recommendation
  • Resume
  • Motivated speech
  • Language proficiency certificate, if available, or the university determines an internal test for English ÜDS, so it is best to review the university and inquire about its requirement for that certificate
  • ALES exam result document for Turkish university graduates
  • GMAT test and the GRE test result for graduates from universities outside Turkey with a true copy of it notarized by the notary and the degree of acceptance in this exam is 55 with some branches disregarding this degree
  • Payment of the registration application arrived

All of the above belongs to the Turkish student, a graduate of Turkish universities or abroad. As for the foreign student who completed the first university stage in his country, what is required of him in addition to the above;

  • A copy of the equivalent of a Bachelor's degree by the Ministry of Higher Education in Turkey, certified by Notary (Noter)
  • Copy of the Turkish Language Study Certificate of Completion from the Language Center (TÖMER), also certified by a notary
  • A copy of the academic visa obtained from the Turkish embassy in his country, translated by Turkish and certified by the notary
  • Diseases free paper issued by an official authority from the student’s country and translated into Turkish, certified by a notary

These are completely required papers, but there are exceptions for some universities that may require additional papers or for others to be satisfied with some of them.

Important Notes:

The effect of the ALES exam result is valid only three years from the date of its issuance. It is not required to take this exam for those who wish to enroll in colleges of fine arts or the Conservatory.

Ph.D. in Turkey

The aim of the Ph.D. is to enable the student to do independent research and to demonstrate his ability to comment on scientific incidents broadly and in-depth and to reach new and updated formulations.

In order to be able to apply for a Ph.D. seat, a student must have a BA or MA.

With regard to holding a master's degree, his Ph.D. studies will be at least 21 credits and in the form of at least 7 lessons, along with a proficiency exam and a graduation thesis.

With regard to holding a Bachelor’s degree, his Ph.D. studies will be 42 credits and in the form of at least 14 lessons, in addition to the aptitude exam and a graduation thesis.

In general, the outcome of the master’s student is 8 semesters, and the bachelor’s student 10 semesters as decided by the competent ministry (and the length or duration will be shortened according to the system of each university and the competent authority therein), so it will be mostly in most disciplines for the master’s degree holder (whether it is a master’s thesis or without thesis is 4 semesters, and the undergraduate student has 6 semesters as a period for completing credit and required lessons, including proficiency examination and graduation thesis.

After completing these requirements, the student will obtain the title of "Doctor of Philosophy". There are many specializations (obtaining a Ph.D. title) in public and private universities, and each university separately has additional special dates and conditions that you mention in their periodicals on the dates and dates of application.

According to the general laws set by the Higher Education Commission, a student who has a Bachelor's degree and wants to apply for a Ph.D. directly must obtain a degree of no less than 70 degrees in the ALES exam (noting that this exam is required from graduates of Turkish universities only), or the equivalent of this degree in the G-Mat or GRI exam, and who holds a master’s degree to obtain a score of at least 55 in the same exam, or the equivalent of this degree in the G-Mat or GRI exam, along with an English language certificate and a degree no less than 55 in the YDS exam or it's equivalent in other local and international exams such as the TOEFL or IELTS exam.

There are requirements, as we mentioned, and additional special conditions for each university separately, the most important of which are meeting, bachelors or master's degrees, and others, and they are published periodically.

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