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Advantages of Studying in Turkey

Thanks to the high number of universities from all 10 universities 10 years ago to 146 universities, all Turkish cities have universities and colleges. The number of university students reached 3 million and 107 thousand students in 2010, while the number of students was 2 million and 949 previously, and the number of university teaching staff is about 77.100 thousand.

It is noteworthy that 6 Turkish universities were chosen from among the top 500 universities in the world, other than occupying the remaining world ranks.

Turkey is one of the most suitable countries to study.

Turkey is characterized by a unique strategic location at the crossroads between East and West, linking the country with ten thousand years of history, as well as enjoying a wide range of climate and geographical diversity, being part of Asia and Europe alike. Thanks to this location, Turkey was and still is an important commercial center located on the itinerary of the Silk and Spice Road, and it is also an ideal destination for students who want to study abroad.

Today, anyone can easily see traces of different cultures in all parts of the country, including those remote and remote areas.

Since its establishment as an independent state in 1923, Turkey has recorded successful steps to provide welfare for the people within the framework of a free economic system and its existing international and commercial relations with Western countries.

So what are the advantages of studying in Turkey?

A distinct Environment for Study

You find that university fees and the cost of living in Turkey are cheaper and lower than most European countries and the USA. The study environment in Turkey also provides you with an opportunity to experience both modern and traditional experiences under one roof in a safer and more stable country, in addition to the fact that the language of study in some Turkish universities is English and give others the opportunity to learn the English language within them, and most important of all, The excellent quality of study will prepare you for a distinguished future.

An Environment Full of Warmth and Friendship

Turkey welcomes young people, through its young people, as 31 percent of its population ranges between 12-24 years. The Turkish people are hospitable people who derive this advantage from their ancient traditions.

Life in Turkey

Turkey provides students with an environment that is comfortable and welcoming, and many universities offer advisory services to contribute to the adaptation of foreign students to life in Turkey.


Most Turkish universities have the possibility of providing housing of all kinds, there are student dwellings owned by each university separately, as well as the role of students, and there is another alternative to housing, especially in big cities, which is renting apartments and houses in conjunction with other students.

Students are available for university housing whose fees vary according to room type and number of individuals as well as meals, and external housing is also available and the average rental of the apartment is 500 TL.

The Food

Most of the universities offer good quality eating services, varied alternatives, and at reasonable prices. Cafes and restaurants near the campus are other options for eating outside the university, as well as preparing you for yourself if you have a desire to do so.

The Average Cost of Living

The monthly expenses for a foreign student's living range from at least $ 500: 600, depending on the student's lifestyle. Book and administrative fees are approximately $ 100-150 USD per academic period.


Public transportation is very available by bus, minibus, and subway, and this is available in larger cities as well. All students are entitled to benefit from cheap special rates during their trips inside and outside cities.

Scientific Research

Today, there are 70 thousand scientific researchers in Turkey, and with the addition of the rest, the number of researchers increases to 150 thousand, but this number is not sufficient, because if we look at, for example, Germany with a population of about 82.5 million people, we find that this number includes more than 500 thousand researchers.

It is worth noting that Turkey raised the budget for research and scientific studies to 8.5 billion pounds in 2009 and thus it has become faster than the OECD countries in doubling the allocations for research and scientific studies.

High Level of Quality in The Study

The quality of study and the teaching staff of Turkish universities provide you with a great world of opportunities to get the skills you need to catch up with the era of globalization. Turkish universities include the best doctors in all disciplines, from different nationalities around the world.

Turkish universities and recognition

The degrees and certificates granted by Turkish universities are recognized in most parts of the world, and you can reach more information on the recognition of Turkish degrees and certificates by consulting the competent educational authorities in your country.

Modern campus and unique capabilities

The university campuses include advanced libraries and laboratories where you can conduct research and study in them to reach various aspects of information. You will also enjoy being a student in Turkey through sports and cultural facilities, clubs and various entertainment facilities.

cultural diversity

Diversity is wealth and wealth, you will find in East and West Turkey in one suit that blends the advantages of the continents of Asia and Europe, as well as cultural diversity among students in each university, where the universities of Turkey include thousands of expatriates of different nationalities.

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